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Scientific terms, prefixes and suffixes

Scientific terms, prefixes and suffixes

Anneal[1]: acoplarse

Batch number: número de lote

Bracket[2]: acoplarse, aparearse

Catalyst: catalizador

Cell: celda

Chromogenic cultura media: medios de cultivo cromogénico

Culture: cultivo

Denaturation: desnaturalización

Denature: desnaturalizar

DNA strand: hebra de ADN

Dose-metering: dosificador

FDA (food and drug administration): equivalente al LATU

Foodborne: transmitido por los alimentos

Non selective enrichment media: medios no selectivos de enriquecimiento

Pathogens: patógenos

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR): reacción en cadena de polimerasa

Poultry: productos avícolas

Primers: primer

Rack: gradilla

Reagent: reactivo

Serovars: serovariedades

Shelf-life: vida últil

Spoliage: deterioro

Test kit: kit/equipo de prueba

User friendly: fácil de usar, práctico

All: pan

Around: circum

Before: ante

Blood clot (coágulo): thromb

Blood: hemo

Bone: osteo

Brain: encephalo

Breast: masto

Cancer: carcyno

Cartilage: chondro

Cell: cyte

Destruction: lisis

Discharge or flow: rrhea

Disease: patho

Ear drum: typano

Ear: oto

Elbow: cubital

Enlargement: megalia

Fear: phobia

Forming or producing: genesis

Four: quadric

Gum (encía): gingiv

Heart: cardio

Incision: tomy

Inflammation: it is

Intestine: enter

Joint: arthro

Kidney: nephr

Liver: hepa

Negative: ab

Nose: rhno

Oscopy: visual examination

Pain: algia

Paralysis: plegia

Penia: low concentration

Pertaining to: al

Pharynx: pharyge

Red: erythro

Slow: brady

Softening (abnormal): malacia

Stomach: gastro

Study of: logy

Surgical removal: ectomy

Surgical repair: plasty

Tongue: glosso

Trachea: trachea

Tumor: oma

Two: bi

Under: hypo

Uterus: hyster

Without: an

[1] to make metal or glass soft by heating and then cooling it slowly

metalrecocer vt, templar vt

[2] /ˈbræk.ɪt/ v [T]

If you bracket two or more things or people, you consider them to be similar or connected to each other

He's often bracketed with the romantic poets of this period although this does not reflect the range of his work.

agrupar [with, con]

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